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Passion for the Big Wave

Passion for the Big Wave
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Passion for the big wave was painted with the notion that mankind is so miniature, and nature is big and massive. Yet mankind is not fearful to the nature of this big wave, and we have this humble man
surfing the big wave. He so much enjoying the sport, and love the nature.
This bring us the feeling of our sensitivity to nature. Only if we dare to
be outgoing and feel the big wave, will we have the true experience of being there, hearing the sound of the big wave coming, the force of the water on us, the coolest sensation one can feel,beyond words
can expressed.
Sensitivity towards nature gradually will lead us to more good work towards protecting the Mother Earth. Preserving a clean earth for our children to live in .
The sales of this painting will contribute 10% to the LiveEarth.
Date: 2007-09-11 12:04:07

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